Obama to accept nomination Thursday night

Sep 6, 2012

President Barack Obama will take the stage tonight (Thursday) in Charlotte, North Carolina, to cap the Democratic National Convention.  In 2008, Obama narrowly lost in Missouri. 

Republican John McCain won by a margin of 0.1%, fewer than 4,000 votes of nearly 3 million cast.

Supports say Obama's challenge tonight is to emphasize the benefits of his policies and challenge the GOP’s assertion that Americans are worse off than they were four years ago.

“I want to see the campaign not back away from that challenge, but to make the case that America really is better than it was four years ago," says Homer Page, chairman of the Boone County Democratic Central Committee.  

Page cites an end to American involvement in Iraq and Obama’s deficit-reduction plan as points to make in the speech.

Page would also like to see Obama tackle social issues tonight, including the rights of women, after the Republicans laid out their stance last week.

“We can do a much better job of explaining why Democratic policy really is better for the women of the nation than what the Republicans propose," she said.

Obama will accept his party’s nomination in his speech this evening. 

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