Obama mocks Akin, Missouri GOP candidates remain quiet

Aug 23, 2012

President Barack Obama is mocking Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri for his remarks about a woman's body being able to avoid pregnancy during what Akin called a "legitimate rape."

Obama told a group of donors in New York that the Missouri congressman "somehow missed science class" even though he sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Among the few Republicans who have remained quiet Akin's comments are the Missouri GOP candidates for top state offices.

Akin is facing pressure to quit his race from GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, national Republicans and five senior Missouri Republicans. He also has been defended by some, including Missouri Right to Life.

But the AP reports fellow Missouri Republicans appearing with Akin on the statewide ballot seem to have refrained from delivering public pressure or defense.

Meanwhile, Republican Representative Vicky Hartzler has spoken up. Yesterday she said, "Like many Missourians, I found Congressman Akin's comments baffling, disturbing and misinformed. Over the last few days I have attempted to communicate with him personally; however, my repeated attempts have been unsuccessful.”