Occupy supporters gather outside City Hall

Jun 29, 2012

Supporters of the Occupy Movement gathered outside of City Hall  to kick off what they are calling a state-wide Occupy event.

Despite the heat, a group of about 10 protesters and activists came prepared with food and water to spread the word about class inequalities and corrupt government. David Dollens is a retired janitor who calls himself a career activist that has been protesting the lack of jobs and wealth disparities.

“If they don’t have no jobs they don’t have no nothing. It's got to change; you got 10 percent in America that’s getting all the money,” said Dollens.

Protester Steven Gilmore, wore a Guy Fawkes mask while protesting. He came not only to protest but also to network.

“This is a way to get out of the bubble. For me it’s a way to get out here and meet other people and see what other people are thinking around here locally. But for Occupy in general, what its caused the most of is just educating people on the income inequality of America,” said Gilmore.

Some, like activist Paul Searles, have been protesting for social reform for over 10 years. For him, Occupy has become one of his biggest priorities.

“We want there to be limits on how much First Amendment power money can buy, because we got the best politicians money can buy, and that’s very good if you’re rich and very bad if you’re poor,” said Searles.

Other planned events included a handful of speakers on Friday night as well as a march to Peace Park on Saturday morning.