"People's Visioning" promotes voting and ballot education

Oct 24, 2014

"We need to wake people up and get them to vote."

This was the message the group “People’s Visioning” wanted to spread at a Thursday night meeting at “All People’s International Ministries”. 

Credit Marjie Kennedy / Flickr

People’s visioning encourages minority groups to come together and form a strategy with each other to cope with racial, social, cultural, environmental and economic issues.

Spokesperson Monta Welch says it’s highly important to bring people together and educate them on the upcoming election. 

“We talk about the fact that it is important to actually go vote. A lot of people don’t even get out and vote. A part of the reason they don’t, is they don’t have the information they need, that makes them feel confident to vote. That makes them feel or understand what is going on, so they can understand the urgency to vote,” she says.

The topic of greatest interest at the meeting was the level of racial oppression due to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.
One of the speakers that talked about that was Dr. Cleonora Hudson-Weems professor at the University of Missouri.

“We have to all come together at some point. We can’t all continue to fight against each other.
We meet, we talk, we share, we admit, we move on, we take suggestions, we make suggestions.
That is just the way it is. We don’t just stand away from each other and never communicate.
We have to come together and talk about strategies,”
she says.

“People’s Visioning” has another meeting November 11th to discuss racism issues, Ferguson problems and the election.