Post office workers face uncertain future

Missouri senator Claire McCaskill is proposing cost cuts and a new business model to save post offices across the state. 167 rural Missouri post offices are on the chopping block as the U.S. Post Office moves toward more digital post services.

By Mariel Seidman-Gati

McCaskill’s office says she is suggesting reduced hours of operation and lower staffing in order to keep rural post offices afloat. But retiree vice president Debbie Brewer of the Association of Postmasters says the community plays a big part.

“If the community doesn’t care about their post office being closed then it’s going to get closed. If the community becomes involved and if their elected officials are involved then they have a better chance of staying open,” Brewer said.

Livonia postmaster Marty Tade says the U.S. Postal Service removed Livonia from a list of vulnerable post offices after a massive letter writing campaign in her community. She says rural post offices are especially important because they often serve largely elderly populations that might not have access to computers for communication. The official closures aren’t expected until May.