Proposition 1 passage provides relief for Emergency Management

Apr 3, 2013

After months of campaigning, members of the Boone County Office of Emergency Management were finally able to celebrate after Proposition 1 passed with a majority. Supporters filled Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar all night as the votes came in. The proposition will increase the sales tax in Boone County by 3/8’s of a cent and the money collected will go towards upgrades for 911 emergency communication services. Operations Manager at the Office of Emergency Management Joe Piper was so stunned by the victory he was speechless.

Piper said, “I’m just really excited. I don’t even know what to say. It’s like a dream.”

The proposition passed with 57% of the vote in Boone County. Emergency Management employee Brian Maydwell said the staff at the 911 center is tired and overworked and ready for some change.

Maydwell said, “To be quite honest we have been keeping the ship afloat for many years now we can actually build a floating boat and steer it in the direction for Boone County the way that it deserves.”

The money collected from the sales tax will go to building a new Emergency Management Center, upgrading equipment and hiring more staff.