Prosecutor dismisses charge in 30 year old murder case

Oct 30, 2013

Credit Null Value / Flickr

A former Missouri death row inmate says he can now try to put his life back together after a prosecutor dismissed a murder charge in the fatal stabbing of a fellow inmate 30 years ago.

Reggie Griffin says he has gotten married and landed a job in the year since he was released from prison while awaiting a new trial. The 53-year-old says he found out Friday that Randolph County prosecutor Mike Fusselmann was dropping the charge.

Griffin was convicted of stabbing a fellow Moberly prison inmate in 1983, based on the testimony of two other prisoners. One of them later recanted and said he didn't witness the killing.

The Missouri Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 2011, saying it was, quote, "no longer worthy of confidence."