P&Z Approves Early Plans for Southern Columbia

A preliminary development plan for 144 acres of land east of Philips Lake may be the first step in further developing the southern outskirts of Columbia.

By Eric Staszczak (Columbia, Mo.)

The city Planning and Zoning Commission approved an eight-lot preliminary map, known as a ‘plat,’ by local developer Bruce Odle Thursday night.  Odle hopes to use the land for a development that would be known as “The Village of Philips Lake.”  The section of land is located at the northwest corner of Highway 63 and Discovery Parkway.   The official request calls for commercial and office zoning, but Odle and his family are known for their residential developments throughout the city.  This leaves the public with nothing but speculation as to what will be built.  Columbia development services manager Patrick Zenner says the plat has quite a bit of potential.

“If this particular track were to get its approvals, develop as it is zoned, it is likely to create what we would refer to as a commercial center or a commercial node, which may result in additional development occurring further to the south towards Ashland.  There’s no question that that may end up happening,” Zenner said.

But Zenner also points to difficulties in that area, with water and electrical infrastructure lacking considerably, as well as poor road connectivity.  Regardless of the potential for the large plot of land, planning is in its infancy and may not be confirmed for months or even years.  Commission member Bill Tillotson notes the plan has to go through additional rounds of approval before development can even begin.

“This has just got it started.  So it’ll come back again with other land development issues, other processes.  But then once they approve that, then it’ll go to the next step.  And the next step will be just more platting, more development of what’s actually going to happen,” Tillotson said.

City council will vote on the approval of the plan at its next meeting on September 19.