QR codes link past with the present in Jefferson City cemetery

Oct 25, 2012

The Riverview Cemetery in Jefferson City cemetery is implementing QR codes into its tours.

The cemetery in Jefferson City began using QR codes for self-guided tours last month. The two-dimensional barcodes are linked to the biographies of some famous Missourians buried there like Sam A. Baker and Herbert Hadly. All visitors simply need to follow the map on the brochure and scan the QR code with a smartphone. Cemetery General Manager Samantha Renner said the QR codes are a way to interact with younger generations and learn some history of the 10,000 internments.

“What we wanted to do was try to find a way to make it easy for people to learn and to hear those stories and kind of thought what better way to learn than about life was like 100 years ago that get it directly from those people," Renner said.

Riverview Cemetery has QR codes for about 30 of the politicians, generals and other famous people from Mid-Missouri and hopes to make them more interactive in the future.

Renner said there’re going to see how people react to the codes this year and hopefully get them to be in multiple locations within the next few years. She believes the QR codes are going to be a great success.