Radio play: Anton Chekhov's 'The Safety Match'

Apr 18, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. In this episode, we bring you a tale by the famous Russian author Anton Chekhov. While Chekhov wrote many plays, this Maplewood Barn audio presentation is based on a short story called "The Safety Match." 

Although it is a mystery, there are overtones of comedy throughout the story, which is typical of Chekhov's writing. 

The players

  • Dhubikoff: Byron Scott
  • Dukovski: Terry Yates
  • Psyekoff and Nichols: Joe Bogue
  • Ephraim and Klaushoff: Charlie Wilkerson
  • Maria and Olga: Alana Barragan-Scott
  • Narrator: Darren Hellwege


  • Script adaptation for radio: Brad Buchanana
  • Engineer: Darren Hellwege
  • Editing/production: Amy Humphrey and Joe Hayes
  • Podcast publisher: Kellie Moore

This podcast originally aired on April 11, 2014.