Rally against president's contraceptive mandate held at Mo. Capitol

Jun 8, 2012
Originally published on June 8, 2012 5:28 pm

Around 200 people rallied at the Missouri Capitol today against President Obama’s mandate that employers provide coverage for contraceptive services.

Churches are exempt from the mandate, but religious non-profit organizations, such as schools and hospitals, are not.  John Gaydos is bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City.

“Religious freedom is not merely about our ability to attend church on Sunday," Gaydos said.  "It is impossible to exercise that religious freedom and at the same time compromise the faith that inspires us to action.”

Don Hinkle with the Missouri Baptist Convention called the Affordable Care Act a blatant assault on faith.

“This is the very kind of tyranny our founding fathers intended to prevent, guaranteeing our religious freedom," Hinkle said.

The rally was one of dozens held across the country.  Those in Jefferson City also called on Governor Jay Nixon (D) to sign a bill that would exempt employers in Missouri from complying with the president’s mandate for religious reasons. 

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