Red Cross volunteers to help with winter storm

Feb 21, 2013

Red Cross volunteers are on hand to help with the winter storm in mid-Missouri. The Heart of Missouri Chapter of the American Red Cross is prepared to build shelters for people who may lose power.  Phillip Iman, a spokesperson for the Red Cross chapter, says this is unlikely to happen.  

“What we are really concerned with, what the state is concerned with, is the ice that is occurring right now.  And I don’t know if power outages have already happened but there is a high probability of them. Here in central Missouri we don’t anticipate opening shelters, but statewide it is a possibility.”

Iman says they will work to secure a facility and manage the logistics if a shelter is needed. They currently have 13 volunteers ready to respond to any problems caused by the storm.  The mid-Missouri chapter can call on their more than 250 volunteers if more are needed.  Iman says although they have ready volunteers, they can never have enough.