Renovations Considered for Douglass Park

Oct 18, 2013

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Commission held its monthly meeting Thursday to discuss a proposed renovation plan at Douglass Park.

Credit City of Columbia

Here’s what plan A looks like:

·         20 parking spots along 5th street

·         Outdoor amphitheater

·         New sidewalks that run through the middle of the park

Here’s what plan B looks like:

·         Two handball courts

·         A renovated playground.

Park Services Manager, Gabe Huffington, introduced the two remaining renovation plans to the Commission and discussed how, among other things, the renovations would be funded.

“That is part of the 2010 Park Sales Tax,” Huffington said.  “In 2010, we renewed the Park Sales Tax and as part of that sales tax ballot issue, the Douglass Park improvements were on that.”

The plans were discussed Thursday in preparation for next week’s IP meeting, where the public will be given the opportunity to provide input on the proposals.

Huffington said he expects a lot of feedback from the public next Thursday.

"Usually they [the pubic] like to comment on the amenities that they would like to see,” Huffington said.   “Normally everyone would like to see more shelters or new playgrounds or, in this case, we’ll have comments about the parking lot and how we address those issues.”

Following next week’s meeting, the Commission will present its proposed plan to city council on November 4th.

Columbia resident, Les Masters, said it’s important to keep city parks a place people want to go.

“I remember going to Douglass Park when I was younger and I have very nice memories about it and I want kids now a days to have the same,” said Masters.

Huffington said if the city council approves one of the plane, the planning proces

  s for renovations can begin as early as the middle of November.

The important persons meeting will take place on Thursday, October 24 at Douglass High School.

For more information or to see visuals about each of the proposed plans, visit