Rep. Kelly announces he will not run for re-election

Oct 17, 2013

State Rep. Chris Kelly photo via the Missouri House of Representatives

Democratic State Rep. Chris Kelly announced today he will not run for re-election in the 45th House District next year. Kelly is currently serving his ninth term in the House and is eligible for one more.

But because of redistricting back in 2011, Kelly must move districts in order to run in 2014. Kelly, who currently resides in the 50th District, would have to move to the 45th District to seek another term.

Kelly said that it’s not the move that’s keeping him from running, but rather his concern for the future of the legislature.

“It’s a hard choice to decide to move, but if the legislature were serious place, where we were going to do serious work it would be one thing, but it is absolutely clear that it is not going to do serious work,” Kelly said.

Kelly originally considered to run in 20-16 for State Senate representing the 19th District, but has since changed his position and is backing State Rep. Stephen Webber to run instead. Kelly says Webber’s youth and personal ethics make him a good candidate.