Report shows increase in Jefferson City manufacturing jobs

Sep 21, 2012

A new report from the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce showed the share of manufacturing jobs in the city has increased almost 23 percent. The chamber recently partnered with a Jefferson City-based economic research company, The Growth Service Group, to put together the report.

Mark Mehmert is the Manager of Community Development for the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce. He attributes the growth of the manufacturing industry in the city to smart business choices by manufacturing companies.

“Part of the reason that we believe that our manufacturing sector has done well is that they’ve well-positioned themselves for growth, and what I mean by that is that they’ve taken advantage of a very skilled labor force and a very consolidated market,” Mehmert said.

Mehmert also said manufacturing is the base of what makes up an economy, so an increase in the industry bodes well for the future of Jefferson City’s development.