On revised fuel standards and the benefits of pet ownership

Mar 14, 2013

This week, we'll hear about efforts to increase the amount of ethanol added to gasoline, and learn about out the potential benefits of owning a dog.

Ethanol is an up and down industry, and right now it’s down. Ethanol plants in at least 13 states have stopped temporarily closed in recent months because of higher corn prices and lower demand for ethanol. The industry is trying to change the equation by putting more of the biofuel in gasoline. But as Grant Gerlock of Harvest Public Media reports, ethanol critics are pushing back.

Also, owning a dog could have positive effects on children with autism. That’s according to two studies from the University of Missouri. The studies used surveys to gauge the impact of dog ownership on children and their families. Rebecca Johnson is the Director of the MU Research Center for Human Animal Interaction and was one of the researchers involved with the studies. KBIA spoke to Johnson, along with Gretchen Carlisle, a former doctoral student in the school of nursing who wrote her dissertation on the subject. Johnson started by talking about some of the physical benefits of dog ownership.