Rowden gets nod from Republicans in 44th District

Aug 8, 2012

A 29-year-old newcomer to politics is the Republican nominee for the newly-drawn 44th State House District. Caleb Rowden got 41 percent of the vote in the 4-way race for the seat, which will represent Columbia’s third ward and most of Northeast Boone County. Rowden says economic development would be one of his main concerns as a legislator.

“The government doesn’t necessarily create jobs, but they can create the foundation, the stable footing for the people of Missouri and in my case the people of the 44th district to be able to work and to be able to creat and innovate and work hard and be rewarded for it,”Rowden said.

One of the Republican candidates Rowden defeated was Dennis Smith, a former state senator.

“We campaigned on the reality that I’m not a typical candidate, a 29-year-old ex-rock musician jumping into the political (arena) isn’t a story that you hear every day, but I think people are ready for something different,” Rowden said.

Rowden will face another established politician in November, Democrat Ken Jacobs, who ran unopposed in the primary.