The Rural Diner Project - what can a dollar get you now?

Located on the main street of Paris, Missouri, Jonesy’s Café has been drawing locals for its coffee, breakfast and old-fashioned soda fountain since the 1930s. Owners Steven and Connie Hancock say it’s a place where everyone feels at home. We arrived at the crack of dawn to find Connie firing up the grill, waiting for the usual mix of farmers, workers, retirees  and opinions to find their way into the café as they do each morning. What’s on the table at Jonesy’s? Not surprisingly, a good deal of disillusionment with politicians and a political process. But also, a well-reasoned call for collaboration in politics and public life and a nostalgia for the good old days when, as Charles “Edwin” Bush says, he worked for a dollar a day, and that dollar went pretty far.