The Rural Diner Project: what do politicians know about rural life? [video]

At this country store and café along Highway 63, local farmers, retired professors, blue-collar workers and families gather for breakfast every morning. 

What’s on the table at Heuer’s? Concerns about agriculture, prices, healthcare and an over-riding feeling that politicians are out of touch, with no idea “what real down-to-earth people go through every day.” But, the disillusionment with politicians isn’t enough to keep these diners away from the voting booth. Many of the diners say they’re concerned about maintaining the good life, and that will be reflected in their votes. “People don’t expect to be extremely wealthy,” says one diner, “but they expect to have a decent standard of life.” 

KBIA's Rural Diner Project - Heuer's Cafe - Sturgeon, MO from KBIA FM on Vimeo.