The Rural Diner Project: what's on your political table? [video]

For our “Rural Diners” project this election year, KBIA visited some greasy spoons throughout our listening area looking for the answer to one, basic question: “What’s on the table?”

We weren’t asking about candidates, campaigns or talking points; we wanted to know what issues people in these rural areas really cared about, and how politics directly affects their lives. Of course, we didn’t just ask one question. We ended up having in-depth and insightful conversations with people who thought they were just coming in for their morning’s cup of coffee. We want to share those conversations with you through this project.

Look for more of these multimedia pieces before election day. In this installment, KBIA visited Broadway Diner in Columbia. 

Look for "rural diners" on over the next few days as we visit greasy spoons around Missouri!