Rural doctor shortages and prenatal care

Apr 26, 2012

On this week's show, we’ll debunk some myths about forensic science and learn how a rural doctor shortage affects some patients.

There’s a lack of primary care physicians in many rural areas, and more than half of Missouri counties don’t have a single OB-GYN specialist, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. KBIA’s Marie French takes us to Macon, where many pregnant women often drive 30 minutes or more to get care.

Plus, ask anyone what a forensic scientist does, and you might just hear a description of the latest CSI episode. As it turns out, the truth is far different. Cyril Wecht is a nationally known forensic expert, and former president of the national academy of forensic sciences. He recently was in town to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Columbia College’s Forensic Science Program. We spoke with Wecht before his visit, and he began by describing some of the misconceptions people have about his profession.