Rural residents divided over wind energy lines

Oct 24, 2013

In O’Brien County, Iowa, Jay Hofland has agreed to sell part of his land to an energy company for a conver station that would mark the beginning of a high voltage transmission traversing the state.
Credit Durrie Bouscaren for Harvest Public Media

On this week's show, we'll hear about efforts to construct wind turbines across the Midwest, and learn why Columbia's "Big Tree" is getting some much needed TLC.

Midwest farm country has long been productive — farmers harvest acres and acres of grain, ranchers raise hundreds of thousands of cattle. Now, the rolling plains are being tapped yet again. Houston-based Clean Line Energy Partners wants to produce wind energy on the plains. The company has plans to build five large-scale high voltage transmission lines criss-crossing the interior of the country to harness the power of the prairie wind. But as Durrie Bouscaren reports for Harvest Public Media, would-be neighbors aren’t necessarily sold on the project.

Also, arborists and tree lovers from across Missouri joined together Tuesday to care for the famous "Big Tree," just South of Columbia, a Bur Oak that is hundreds of years old- and starting to show its age. KBIA's Kate Grumke has the story.