Safety in Columbia Public Schools

Dec 17, 2012

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First half of the program: Safety in Columbia Public Schools

The tragedy in Connecticut has brought renewed focus on school safety, both locally, and across the nation. The first half of the show explored a training program that aims to train people how to respond to an armed threat.


Michelle Baumstark, spokesperson, Columbia Public Schools

Greg Crane, coordinator of ALiCE training for schools and campuses

Second half of the program: A look into the Affordable Care Act

According to a recent poll, the number of Missourians opposing the Affordable Care Act has dropped in the last two years. Despite this, many folks still might not know what’s in the nearly 1000 page law. In the second half hour,we discuss the federal health care law and find out how it affects every day Missourians.


Thomas McAuliffe, policy analyst for the Missouri Foundation for Health

Dr. Andrew Quint, medical director, Family Health Center in Columbia

Mary Timmel, outreach manager at Small Business Majority (joining by phone)