Sam Allison drops out of Columbia's race for mayor

Jan 18, 2013

Columbia mayoral candidate Sam Allison has announced his withdrawal from the city-wide race.

Allison says he hastily jumped into the race in January because he thought the incumbent Mayor Bob McDavid faced no challenger. But Sid Sullivan, whom Allison says shares similar politics as himself, also entered the race.

“The problem is, is if Sid and I stay in the race, I feel and the supporters of my campaign feel we will split the ticket. And that is history that we do not want to see repeat itself,” Allison said.

Allison has endorsed Sullivan, who lost to McDavid in a six-way race for mayor in 2010. McDavid won the office with 54 percent of the vote. Sullivan earned 12 percent. The two will battle once again, but this time one on one, in the April 2nd election for the next term.