Schaefer says Nixon, not Mo. Senate, is responsible for education cuts

Nov 1, 2012

KBIA’s Ryan Famuliner interviewed State Senator Kurt Schaefer, who is running for re-election in the 19th District of the state Senate. His challenger is Democratic State Representative Mary Still.

In the interview, Schaefer talks about the work he has done as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He says focusing on return on investment is an important measure for what economic incentives the state should offer to businesses, and addresses some of the actions recommended by the Tax Credit Review Commission. He also says that cuts to higher education funding have not come through his committee, but rather been carried through by Governor Jay Nixon during withholdings. Schaefer also talks about the expansion of the airport in Columbia, the Affordable Car Act, and compares (and contrasts) himself to his opponent.

KBIA Interview with 2012 Missouri Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer - 19th District State Senate from KBIA FM on Vimeo.