Schools evacuated following gas leak in Ashland

Oct 24, 2012

Southern Boone School District students suffered no injuries after a gas leak in Ashland on Wednesday. 

The Southern Boone County Fire District evacuated schools near the leak until it was fixed.  This included the high school, middle school and kindergarten. The leak also forced residents in some local homes and businesses to evacuate. As of early Wednesday afternoon, Southern Boone County Fire Protection District Chief Roger Jaeger said he wasn't sure if the leak had been properly fixed.

“I don’t know if they’ve actually got it fixed or not; at the time that I left, they had it plugged, but they didn’t have the people there that could actually repair the line.”

Jaeger says Ameren is checking schools, homes and businesses to make sure they’re free of gas.  He says the leak should be fixed by the end of the day.