Sen. McCaskill: 'Underdog' in U.S. Senate race

Aug 7, 2012

After U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill voted Tuesday morning in St. Louis, she traveled to Columbia’s Democratic headquarters to call on voters for support in November’s general election. She plans to fight hard to keep her spot in office from whichever opponent comes out on top in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

McCaskill knows she is an underdog in the U.S. Senate race regardless of which GOP candidate she will face in the fall. Most likely, it will be either Congressman Todd Akin, businessman John Brunner, or former state treasurer Sarah Steelman.

“I’ve been an underdog in an awful lot of campaigns," McCaskill tells KBIA. "I completely get that people are frustrated with Washington. I’m going to have to work really hard to make sure that they understand that I am one of those moderate Missourians.”

Even though a recent poll had McCaskill trailing each of the Republicans in a head-to-head match-up, the senator says she has no preference for whom she ends up running against.

“All three of them have this view that Missourians don’t embrace and that is we need to privatize Medicare, privatize social security, and get the federal government out of the student loans,” she says.

McCaskill will most likely be fighting the uphill battle alone, as the Democratic National Committee doesn’t seem to be showing much interest in her state. “To be candid, it’s frustrating that they have not been willing to do more in Missouri,” she says.

Don’t expect to see President Obama helping out either, McCaskill says. He did lose the state in 2008.