Sen. Stouffer weighs in on new state senate map

The State Redistricting Commission created new boundaries for Missouri’s 34 Senate districts when it voted to approve a map preliminarily Thursday. 

By Michelle Schuelke

The new map places Boone and Cooper counties in the same district. Senator Bill Stouffer represents District 21, which stretches from Boonville to Odessa.  That district will be losing three counties, but will gaining three other counties as well.

“It is kind of like losing a kid and gaining another. As far as the 21st district is concerned it is a fair map,” Stouffer said.

According to Stouffer some of the new districts will not be as fair.

“Just looking at it, I am sure Cooper is going to be disappointed.  You have a small county joining a large county in Boone. “

The redistricting is to account for the population shift and growth in the state. Despite the changes in Mid-Missouri, most districts appear to have minimal adjustments.