Snow and cold temps make clearing roads difficult in Columbia

Jan 2, 2014

Mid-Missouri drivers are dealing with slippery roads Thursday after a winter storm that dumped two inches of snow in Columbia, according to the National Weather Service.

Across Mid-Missouri, as of 10:00am Thursday morning highways were listed as either covered or partly covered according to the Missouri Department of Transportation’s traveler information map. Check for the latest updates at this link.

According to Columbia Public Works, there is snow pack on the city roads as of Thursday morning, but first and second priority routes are passable, and public works crews have begun working on residential streets. In a press release, public works said there were three inches of snow on the ground in Columbia.

However, the extreme cold temperatures expected throughout the day Thursday will pose a challenge to road clearing efforts, with little chance for snow to melt off raods. Salt will only melt snow at 15 degrees and above on its own, so public works is also treating roads with calcium chloride, which allows melting down to zero degrees. Public works is also putting down cinders to help with melting and traction for drivers.

Meantime, Public works also says Columbia Transit is running on Emergency Weather Routes, and Columbia Regional Airport is open. You can also check up on the latest from the city at this link.