Sochi in Focus: Media coverage of Russia and the Winter Olympics

Feb 20, 2014

The Olympics rings and flame in Sochi, Russia, on February, 10, 2014.
Credit Frank May / Associated Press
With the Winter Olympics underway, the world’s attention is now focused on the Russian resort city of Sochi.

Some Western coverage in the run up to the games was critical of the preparations, touching upon the increased security measures, the culling of stray dogs in the area, and the quality of the city’s hotels. Many in Russia have criticized the tone of such foreign reporting. The head of Russia’s state-run rail operator called it “a well-organized information war” against the country.

This week on Global Journalist, we’ll compare Western and Russian coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, and explore how objective it really is. 


Anna Arutunyan is a web editor and senior correspondent with Moscow News. Her most recent book, The Putin Mystique, just came out in the UK.

Jim Brooke is the Moscow Bureau Chief for the Voice of America.

Ine Bjoelseth is the head of sports news for Eurovision.