Solving crimes in the real world

Mar 18, 2013

Credit stephenjohnbryde / Flickr


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Earlier this year, law enforcement officials with the MU Police Department used a DNA sample to identify the person responsible for the highly publicized homicide of MU Professor Jeong Im. It was a rare moment when television-style crime-scene drama made its way into actual news headlines, instead of the other way around. In this episode, we go behind the scenes -- and around the TV glamour -- to learn more about how crime scene investigations are actually carried out in the real world.


Mike Himmel, retired detective and adjunct instructor, Columbia College criminal justice program

Captain Tim Hull, director of public information and education, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Bill Marbaker, crime lab director, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Jeff Nichols, retired detective and adjunct instructor, University of Missouri Law Enforcement Training Institute (joining by phone)