Some Missourians eligible for free tax preparation help

Apr 12, 2013

Some Missourians may be eligible to have someone else prepare their tax returns…for free. 

Missouri is one of 21 states and the District of Columbia that participates in State Free File, a program that partners with tax preparation services to provide free help for people who meet specific income and age requirements.  

The Missouri Department of Revenue website lists seven online tax service providers they have agreements with, each with its own specific eligibility requirements for free tax preparation.

Ted Farnen is the director of communications for the Missouri Department of Revenue.

He says the Department prefers online tax filings for a variety of reasons.

“There are advantages to filing electronically. It’s faster. You can do it anytime. You’re not bound by the mail system. And there tend to be less errors when you file electronically.”          

Farnen says the Department knows they haven’t seen the end of paper tax returns, however.

He says there are a number of reasons people don’t file online tax returns and money is one of them.

“So we would, in general, if you have a choice, recommend that you file electronically, but we understand that not everyone can afford a program like TurboTax or something like that.”

Online tax preparation services participating in Missouri’s State Free File program are listed on the Missouri Department of Revenue website, along with their specific eligibility requirements for free tax preparation.