Some rural Mid-MO post offices get reprieve

Jun 7, 2012

With rural postal offices across the nation closing down, three central Missouri offices have received relatively good news – they’ll remain open but with reduced hours.

The Franklin, Wooldridge and Arrow Rock post offices will see their hours of operation reduced by up to 6 hours. The shorter hours are a part of a plan to save the US Postal Service nearly half a billion dollars. Mid-America Postal Service spokesperson Richard Watkins says that with the rise of online services the use of post offices has declined dramatically. He says the US Postal Service has to keep up with the changing demand.

“While it’s still important for us to maintain a presence in these mostly rural communities, it’s also important that we match our workforce and our facilities with the declining workload,” Watkins said.

The Franklin and Wooldridge post offices will be open 2 hours and the Arrow Rock post office will be open 4 hours each day. The reduced hours will go into effect later this summer.