Special elections yield results for Mid-Missouri towns, utilities

Aug 7, 2013

Credit kristin_a / Flickr

A few special elections in Mid-Missouri yesterday resulted in success for the towns and entities asking for new revenue.

In Ashland, voters approved a one half cent sales tax increase to go toward transportation projects in the town. The Boone County Clerk reports a voter turnout of just over 6 percent for two special elections, with the measure passing 86 to 65.

Boone County voters also approved a 5 million dollar bond project for improvements to the District 10 waterworks system near Centralia. That passed 98-53.

In Camden County, voters approved a 14 cent per 100 dollar valuation property tax increase to increase funding for the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District. There were 313 votes for that tax increase, and 228 against.

Meantime, KOMU reports that in Cooper County, voters approved a bond project in the Village of Windsor Place to extend and improve the sewer system there.