State Fair Community College receives funds to enhance programs

Oct 16, 2012

A new manufacturing consortium between nine community colleges around the state is focused on improving the education for manufacturing students. The $15 million program, in conjunction with MOManufacturingWINs, provides specialized training. Dana Kelchner, State Fair Community College spokeswoman, said the program might change, but it’s to guide the students toward certification.

“What we are looking at right now, we’re still designing our programs and how we might change our curriculum," Kelchner said. "The real crux of this is that we will be focusing on offering certifications that are recognized by the National Association of Manufacturers.”

Kelchner said State Fair Community College received $995,000, and plans to focus on their welding, maintenance, and machine tool programs. She said the college will accelerate a few programs, and they will last six months rather than an entire year. These programs are only offered at the Sedalia campus.