State of Missouri considers new slogan

Apr 30, 2012

A new slogan may be included in marketing the state of Missouri. 

State senator John Lamping introduced a resolution urging the Division of Tourism to use the slogan “The Great Rivers State.” It passed through the Senate last week and is now in a House committee.

The new slogan would not exclude other state mottos from being used in advertisements for tourist attractions around the state. Director of the Division of Tourism Sarah Steele-Danner says the slogan could be used to target niche markets.

“Those that would be interested in the river attributes, the streams that wind across our state," said Steele-Danner.  "It will just give us another opportunity to be able to market to those individuals.”

While Missouri is best known as the “Show-Me” state, it’s also referred to as “The Cave State” and “The Ozark State.” More than 110,000 miles of rivers and streams run through Missouri and according to the resolution, Missouri translates to “people of the wood canoe” from Native American languages.