State museum features artifacts from the St. Louis World's Fair

Jun 6, 2012

The Missouri State Museum is featuring its collection from the St. Louis World’s Fair during its Museum After Hours program Wednesday.

Visitors will be the first to see the museum’s collection of souvenirs and artifacts at the “Meet Me at the Fair” exhibit since the items were donated last year. This collection ranges from commemorative plates to a clock shaped like the front of a train.

Linda Endersby, Director of the Missouri State Museum, says these items will not be available to the public for several years.

“Currently we’re processing it," she says, "it isn’t on exhibit yet although some pieces will be on exhibit tomorrow. We’re developing an exhibit that will come in 2014. ”

Long time Jefferson City resident Robert Herman will be a guest speaker at the exhibit. Herman has been a member of the St. Louis World’s Fair Society since 1968, and started his own collection 47 years ago.

“I have an entire room devoted to it," he says, "and when people come to visit they say ‘You’ve got World’s Fair in every room,’ and that’s true.”

Herman will speak about the architecture of the St. Louis World’s Fair, and says he hopes people will appreciate how large and great the fair was.