State Senator discusses funding option for I-70 in Columbia

State Senator Bill Stouffer says Interstate 70 is 60 years old, making it the oldest interstate in the nation. But it was only built with an intended 20-year lifespan.

By Katherine Biek

Stouffer says the government is looking at possible options to pay for reconstruction of the highway besides the idea of making I-70 a toll road.

 “They might look at a combination of increase in diesel fuel taxes and maybe a small sales tax increase but somehow we need to have a public discussion on how to fund infrastructure,” Stouffer said.

Stouffer spoke to members of the Boone County Pachyderm Club last night. Vice President Mike Zweifel believes this is a topic Columbia residents should be interested in.

 “Columbia is very dependent upon I-70 for a lot of traffic that comes through for Mizzou football games, basketball games, just people stopping in, you know Show-Me State games, and I know a lot of us drive I-70 on a daily basis,” Zweifel said.

Stouffer says 70,000 vehicles a day drive on I-70 simply passing through Columbia.