Staying energy efficient in Fulton

Sep 27, 2012

On this week’s show, we’ll learn about renewable energy in Fulton, hear about a new discovery in HIV research, and listen to a report on MU’s South Farm showcase.

It’s rare to see renewable energy systems like solar panels or wind turbines in mid-Missouri homes. That’s because of the expense of those systems. But for some families the environmental benefits outweigh the costs. KBIA’s Gina Cook has a story of how one couple in Fulton is powering their dreams to curb their carbon footprint.

Also, a team of scientists that includes a researcher at the University of Missouri has made a breakthrough in HIV treatment research. KBIA’s Zach Garcia has more on the team’s study, which was published earlier this month.

And finally, MU’s South Farm Research Center held its annual showcase for families last Saturday. And everything from turf grass to corn mazes to exotic animals were on display. KBIA’s Courtney Doll was at the showcase, and has a report.