Still in CoMo ft sculptures, music and trails

May 18, 2012

No need for a mid-month slump here. Spend some time at Ragtag or Shakespeare’s. Or head to the trail. That’s what my whole summer is going to look like and so is your weekend. See below:

Gizmos n' Gadgets (Mon-Fri, 10 a.m.)

Check out sculptures by Greg Orloff in his first solo art show. Orloff says his work stems from a fascination with science fiction in his artist’s statement: “I have been concerned with the roles of the inventor/creator and mad scientist through literature and film over the centuries,” he writes. “These roles have been used by science fiction writers as sources of disastrous calamities as a result the creator’s hubris, madness, or benevolent intentions.”

See how his interest in found objects and metalsmithing results in masks, armor, a robot and, my personal favorite, a ray gun. The show, which opened at the Craft Studio on Monday, will be up through the end of the month.

Shakespeare's OutLoud (Sun, 4:30 p.m.)

Jazz up your Sunday night. Go to a free concert in the Shakespeare’s parking lot downtown. Grab a pitcher, some pizzas and your friends and enjoy music from Shakespeare's employees and their bands. I guess they can do more than throw dough for delicious pies. Catch performances from Bockman, Andre Mariette, Thrice Baked, Rae Fitzgerald, Kelsey Hutton and Friends.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour (Sat, noon)

Spend your Saturday afternoon at Ragtag and check out films from the Fly Fishing Film Tour. This tour is an ode to America’s fishing community. Plus, it doesn’t involve wading in any ponds or streams at dawn. \

Trails Run 5K Walk & 10K Bike (Sat, 9 a.m.)

End Bike, Walk & Wheel Week on the trail. Head to the MKT Trail off Stadium on Sunday morning for this casual event, which is not timed and does not require pre-registration. Plus, everyone gets a free T-shirt.


CoMo Weekender is curated by Trupti Rami in hopes of enlivening those 55 hours away from the workweek. Email questions, comments or suggestions to