Student veterans sue MU over tuition costs

Sep 26, 2012

The University of Missouri is being sued by three student veterans who claim that the University has unlawfully overcharged them for tuition costs.

The lawsuit has to do with the Missouri Heroes Act of 2008, which states that all tuition fees must be limited to $50 per credit hour a student is enrolled in. Alicia Dunn, the cases’ main plaintiff, argues that the University has applied 100% of the student’s ‘gift aid’ to their tuition fees and by doing so has not given the students a reduction on their ‘total cost of attendance’. Dunn, along with two other named plaintiffs, have said that the school has violated the intent of the act, which does specifically mention cost of attendance.

“I can tell you that the university respects and values our veteran students and determines their benefits under the statute in a manner consistent with the guidance of MDHE (Missouri Department of Higher Education)," Jennifer Hollingshead, Chief Communications Officer for the University of Missouri System says. "As I think you know, a very similar lawsuit was filed last year by the same plaintiff and was dismissed based on our motion”

The plaintiffs filed the case in St. Louis and are actively seeking damages for violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and the Heroes' Act.