Sunday Brunch Read: A heavy metal alloy, fused with youth

Aug 10, 2014

CARRIE BATTAN WRITES IN THE NEW YORK TIMES about Unlocking the Truth, who she calls “a boy band that rocks beyond it’s years. Here’s the opening paragraph, which hooked me immediately:

UNLOCKING THE TRUTH, a trio of black middle-schoolers from Brooklyn who received extensive coverage from the news media recently after signing a lucrative record deal, is a boy band, but only in the most literal sense of the term.

And then there’s this amazing section:

Mr. Brickhouse and Mr. Dawkins, who met in church as toddlers, have been playing music in the Brickhouses’ Flatbush basement since elementary school, largely learning their instruments on their own. (Mr. Atkins, who lives in Crown Heights, joined the group a couple of years ago).

Two of the boys’ mothers, who were supervising their sons at P.S. 282’s playground, said their interest in metal was initially cause for concern. “I thought, if they would play anything, it would be R&B and pop,” said Tabatha Dawkins, who works in finance. “And when I heard their music, I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to get him back to church.’ ”

Read the whole thing FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES.