Talking Politics: Libertarians prepare for Nov. 6

Oct 16, 2012

There are almost 30 Libertarian candidates running for various offices in Missouri this year, more than all but four other states in the country. KBIA’s Erin Dismeier spoke to some Libertarians and their candidates in Missouri to hear their thoughts on this year’s election.

Now, we’ll hear from Terry Smith, a political scientist at Columbia College and a regular contributor to Talking Politics. When Terry was putting this commentary together he told me he’d try to make campaign finance law and practice… informative and interesting. Let’s see how he did.

On top of those recommendations from Terry Smith, a regular contributor to Talking Politics, I’ve got one more. It’ll keep you sedentary for a bit longer, but visit That’s KBIA’s partnership with KOMU, the Columbia Missourian, and Newsy; where you can find a regularly updated database with the latest information on exactly how much money each candidate and political action committee is spending to get their messages on the air, specifically here in Mid-Missouri. And, actually, it might get your pulse up a bit, too.