Talking Politics: State of the medicaid expansion debate

Jan 29, 2013

Gov. Jay Nixon speaks at his State of the state address in Jefferson City. January 28, 2013.
Credit Ryan Famuliner / KBIA

Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon delivered his state of the state speech Monday night;  to a legislature that this year again has enough Republican members that if they all vote together, they won’t even need his signature to alter the state’s laws.

This week on the show, we dive deep  into the issue of Medicaid expansion, an ongoing debate that’s been solidified as a major issue this legislative session.

Nixon, of course, discussed a number of other issues in his speech. The Governor pitched a nearly 26-billion-dollar budget, including spending increases for K-through-12 schools, Higher Education, Marshall Griffin takes a closer look at the Governor’s speech and his proposed spending plan for next year.