Task force created to try to secure Westinghouse nuclear project funding

Jul 23, 2012

Governor Jay Nixon announced today the creation of a Local Government Task Force to assist an effort to develop and manufacture small nuclear reactors.

In April, Westinghouse Electric announced it plans to develop these reactors in Missouri, and in May it submitted an application to the Department of Energy for financial aid in the project. Nixon hopes to sway the DOE into picking Westinghouse for federal funding.

“This industry will emerge in this world as we face forward. The question is: who is going to lead? And I am very proud that working with this consortium we think we’re in a strong position to lead not only on Missouri, not only in America, but around the world in this growing, growing opportunity,” Nixon  said.

The task force will consist of commissioners from Boone, Callaway, Cole, Osage, and Phelps counties. Other leaders in the state will represent Missouri in Westinghouse’s SMR Readiness Committee.

“This public/private collaboration has representatives from the diverse segment of Missouri’s workforce including economic development professionals, private business, universities, and utilities,” Nixon said.

The Department of Energy is expected to announce its decision on awarding investment funds by September.