Technology in the classroom

Mar 8, 2012

On this week’s show, we’ll talk about about exercise programs for minority populations, and hear about tablet technology in classrooms.

A growing number of schools across the country are introducing tablet computers into the classroom. Here in Columbia, Benton Elementary School is using 50 iPads that it received at the beginning of the year. And the technology is being used in classes as varied as Art, Music and P.E. KBIA’s Lee Jian Chung looked at how these tablet computers are being introduced into schools, and whether or not this technology could soon replace the chalkboard.

And, it’s long been known that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of some of the leading causes of death, like heart disease and high blood pressure. Minority populations suffer higher rates of some of these conditions, leading many researchers to devise exercise programs catered to these groups. But one researcher says more can be done. Vicki Conn is Associate Dean at the MU School of Nursing. She spoke to us recently about a study she did that concluded that many of these minority exercise interventions weren’t culturally tailored enough.