Thinking Out Loud: Bullpen Memories

Apr 13, 2017

Columbia's Bullpen Cafe drew patrons in with a menu that included brain sandwiches. The eatery closed over ten years ago and now the building is slated for demolition. On a recent episode of Thinking Out Loud, Trevor Harris toured the site of the cafe with its final owner, Jackie Cockrell. Moreau Montessori School Directress Lorie Steele was also a guest on the show in advance of one of her school's major annual fundraisers.

In advance of the building's demolition, Columbia firefighters are conducting training exercises this week at the former Bullpen Cafe site. Jackie Cockrell was the last owner of the cafe. She was featured on a recent episode of Thinking Out Loud.
Credit Columbia Fire Deparment / Twitter

These interviews originally aired on April 11, 2017.

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