Tilley Drops Out of 2012 Lt. Governor's Race

Nov 10, 2011

Steven Tilley has dropped out of the race for Missouri Lt. Governor, catching his fellow Republicans by surprise.

by Marshall Griffin (Jefferson City, Mo.)

After sending out a press release today, Tilley personally addressed the House GOP Caucus at the State Capitol.  House Member Darryl Pollock of Laclede County says Tilley’s announcement was both unexpected and sad to hear:

“Steve shared that he missed out (on) a lot of things with his family in serving, (and) you know, I think we all feel that same thing…when you’re away from your homes for the amount of time that we are, we’re anything but a part-time legislature,” Pollock said.

Tilley says he realized that he didn’t have the “fire in the belly” for a major political race, and that he wants to spend more time with his daughters.  He’s also going through a divorce, but says that had nothing to do with his decision.  Tilley will remain House Speaker and serve out his term in office, which ends next year.