Todd Akin, God and being American

Sep 29, 2012

Remember those old sayings about not talking religion and politics? Well, this week's faith and values update has both. We’re looking at the faith angle of Republican Congressman Todd Akin’s campaign.

Akin has been criticized since he made a comment about what he called “legitimate rape,” which he later apologized for. He recently made the news again for saying his opponent in the Senate race, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, was more “ladylike” in a previous campaign.

But he still has support from several conservative Christian leaders and organizations.   

In an article in “The Daily Beast,” a family friend was quoted as saying, “Todd Fears the Lord, not man.” A New York Times article highlighted the fact that he’s Presbyterian and even has a degree from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.

When he spoke to supporters in Columbia on Thursday as part of his state-wide campaign tour, he said it’s important to ask ourselves what makes America unique. And you can bet God was in his answer. 

Throughout his speech, Akin linked being American to being a child of God several times. But when asked follow-up questions about God and faith after his speech, his answers were not as expected. This week's update examines what he said. 

This story was produced in partnership with ColumbiaFAVS, mid-Missouri's source for news about Faith And ValueS.