Todd Akin speaks at Columbia Pachyderm Club

Sep 7, 2012

U.S. Representative and Senatorial candidate Todd Akin said Friday he plans to recover his campaign after the criticism over his comments about rape and abortion. He addressed this at the Columbia Pachyderm Club.

Two weeks ago Todd Akin’s own party was asking him to step down as the Republican U.S. Senate candidate. The standing ovation for Akin when he walked into the Columbia Pachyderm Club told a different story. Akin said although his comments hurt him initially, the voters are still supportive.

"All across the state the people that I’m meeting, just the regular people, the people that will be voting are saying ‘we’re with ya," Akin said.

Pachyderm Club member Wayne Amburst said he originally agreed Akin should give up his campaign. Now, he’s changed his mind.

"Well, I wasn’t against him, but I thought ‘well, probably going to make it impossible for him to get elected so we better choose someone else," Amburst said.

Akin also spoke about other issues such as the economy, health care reform and abortion. He said his pro-life stance reflects the views of most Missouri voters and will be an advantage to his campaign.